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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Has any Ubot developer ever thought of making a php plugin for Ubot ? This is where the plugin would read our Ubot code and then spit out php code. That way we can make php versions or web versions of our .exe bots. It won't be hard for you plugin experts to build it if you know php 7. You can replace the Ubot/compiled bot's UI with html UIs and so don't let that worry you or confuse you. You might make a lot of sales! The plugin, however, has to be able to convert every single bot we make into php or web version. I am trying to create web versions of my Ubot compiled bots but I do not
  2. Ubotters, Didn't get any proper answers from php forums so trying here now as I know some of you know php. Trying to learn Php 7 as much as I can. I need your help to point me to the right direction. What kind of method in Php 7 is used to track urls belonging to a foreign domain ? I mean, you all know that searchengines track clicks to links presented by their SERPs. So, if ubotstudio.com is listed under the keywords "php forum" on Google SERP then when you click ubotstudio.com on the Google SERP then that link is bound to have Google's tracking link. In short, you'll click the Goog
  3. Hi, I think it would be best if there was a php plugin for Ubot. This is where the plugin would read our code and then spit out php code. That way we can make php versions or web versions of our .exe bots. I am trying to create a web version of my Google searcher bot. Here is how I built it. Does anyone know php here ? Can you give us all here the php 7 code to build the following bot ? It would help us learn php much faster and you'd get a post LIKE! On the other hand, if you'd rather not help for free then any chance you can build a plugin for not so high a price ? You might make a lot o
  4. Hello everyone, I have faith in this community because thanks to UBot I learned many things, also thanks to all this community that always answer and is full of very good people like Dan, TJ, and so forth. I feel I have something in debt with most of you, so I decided to make my coding Journey (10,000 hours of code) in all languages I can so I can share the knowledge. There will be also updates of sources that are deeper in tasks that I will need to charge at least $1 USD per source, in order to have a coffee or a beer. Or anything, you know, this way I can fund this Journey and you guys can
  5. Hi I am looking to hire a programmer to do a simple Ubot actually + create php script (No design or anything needed) Sadly I cant go higher as its my max budget Here is a simple explaination: In the PHP script admin can create level 2 users which can create projects. (Project name, website url etc,name) Once done, Level 2 user can adds usernames who are allowed to access the ubot. By adding Username script generates key for every level 1 user. Level 2 user then sends the keys to level 1 users himself . Ubot: Ubot bot connects to my server to check for project name and then username
  6. Does anyone know if there is an easy way to convert ubot code into php? I would like to include some script into a website but wasn't sure exactly this would work or if possible. Does anyone have any ideas or experience?
  7. I came across this really cool site. My friend sent it to me, told me his Teacher help make it. I think its really useful + its helping me understand things by being able to do them in real time. Might not be for all but if you are trying to learn more about coding, depending what your learning, this site may be able to help. http://www.codecademy.com/ Hope you enjoy it as much as i do.
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