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Found 5 results

  1. I`ve created this small script for bulk domain appraisals on GoDaddy. I´ve adapted a multi threading script I found here but it´s a little unreliable. I need this to be lightning fast and to be able to connect through proxies (backend storm proxies). Things to notice: I´m grabbing my list from a local file. Example list item: https://www.godaddy.com/domain-value-appraisal/appraisal/?isc=gdrpf730&checkAvail=1&domainToCheck=ubot.com I´m exporting the appraisals to a local file Thanks for any help on optimizing this script clear cookies clear list(%Domain List) clear list(%Dom
  2. Hey Boys and Girls, I'm writing a bot and having issues with multi threading and also the scraping aspect. The scraped info is not being added to the lists/tables. For no other reason other than I don't know any better (right or wrong - I'm not sure), I'm using: thread spawn("","") { } Could someone set me straight on how to do this properly OR where I can find up to date Ubot tutorials? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Can you guys please help,i have stucked in multi-threading one.it still opening only one 1 threads,but i have set it to 2 threads I have followed the tutorial in this post. http://www.ubotstudio.com/forum/index.php?/topic/10042-new-v4-tutorial-multi-threading-example/ Here is the code set(#threadcount, 0, "Global") set(#numthreads, 0, "Global") set(#loopcnt, 1, "Global") set(#email tab, "xsretsdgsdf@gmail.com", "Global") loop(#loopcnt) { loop while($comparison(#numthreads, ">=", #threads)) { wait(1) } Intiate Threading() } ui drop down("Threads", "2,4,6,8,10", #th
  4. I recently upraded to the professional license, and I know I have multi threading available to me. But How ? Am I running multiple scrpits at a time ? Or is there a command that I am missing ?
  5. Hey, I am trying to expand a simple bot I was making (just a whois site pinger) to be multi threaded. I used LoWrIdErTJ's example found here and tried to include my code but I can't get it to work properly. Basically I am not sure how to get it so that each thread takes the next url from my table. At the moment the same URL opens in each browser, and then it moves onto the next url and opens that in all the threads/browsers. I think It has to do with my var set(#currentURL, $replace($table cell(&sites, #tablerow, 0), "[YOURDOMAIN.COM]", "mywebsite.com"), "Local") I am not sure I am p
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