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Found 5 results

  1. Did you know that there are about 1.5 billion smartphones? Many of them run iOS and Android operating systems which have gone practically unbotted. Now you can learn how to tap into this large market and make bots for anything that runs Android or iOS using software you are familiar with! I am selling a guide to automate your favorite apps and I have source codes included that demonstrate the following: ClickingDragging MotionsUp and Down Swiping MotionsTypingIn the guide I take you step by step on how to get started making mobile bots, give you tips on how to make your bots more efficient
  2. My Dear Fellows! I think I have created a fantastic bot that might get mentioned in Seth's Ubot marketing materials (providing it works as designed). I need free beta testers to test and see if they're able to make money using the bot (using for free ofcourse!) or not. The bot is a logging web browser that allows it's users to follow each other online. Whatever you browse with the bot gets logged so other users can check your logs (browsing history) to see what you're browsing online and follow you around from website to website and webpage to webpage. And, when everytime they follow you
  3. I have made a likesplanet bot that can click on youtube videos giving you points that you can use for getting views to your own videos or likes and etc. I will give the bot away on 1 real easy condition. If you join me on a social network site that pays it users. Plus the site is free to join.. You can actually be getting paid for the same things you do on facebook and other big social network sites. Plus when you have people under you, you can also get paid from there actions as well. So if anyone wants the likesplanet bot then PM me for the link to the social network site and after you sign
  4. Are you ready to actually start learning how to make bots? Do you need to learn some basics before leaping after a large project? Today I am releasing the Twitter username scraper source code! It will teach you how to deal with lists, variables, scraping, JavaScript, user agents, user interface, replacing text, saving data, common math, if-then statements, loops, parameters, and other common functions! You can straight up compile it and sell it, or you can add on new features, either way it is a great method to make money! You may be wondering how much it will cost to learn how to do all
  5. I currently have a mass messenger that scrapes thousands of users from the m.roblox.com's group function and sends each one a personalized message. The thing about messaging is that you are very limited time wise, so I have to have different accounts going at once. If you can help me figure out the main site's problem, then I will give you my messaging bot and 12 accounts. TL;DR? www.roblox.com Seems to not work with uBot studio, but the www.m.roblox.com version works great!
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