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Found 6 results

  1. Hey there, I posted this on the Skype group last month, but figured this would be a better place to give it away. Nothing ground breaking, but below are two defines that I made for returning random user agents and referrers for an HTTP bot project I was working on. I figured I could give this back to the group in hopes that it might save someone some work. These are popular user agent strings at the moment and the common referrers list you see below I pulled from actual analytics data. Anyways, free for you to use. Hope it helps someone out :-) define $randomUserAgent { add list to list(%
  2. Hi, have a problem with Local Variable and can't figure out what I am doing wrong. My code: define RandomOn1stPage(#my_threadId, #proxy) { add list to list(%found,$plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Generic Xpath Parser", $plugin function("ExBrowser.dll", "$ExBrowser Document Text"), "//a[contains(@href,\'{#LinkToSearch}\')]", "href", ""),"Delete","Local") set(#found,$random list item(%found),"Local") alert(#found) plugin command("ExBrowser.dll", "ExBrowser Click", "//a[contains(@href, \'{#found}\')]") } With Local Variable its alert the correct link to click but n
  3. I had been trying to build a scraper that would scrape my reviews from a majority of the local review sites that my clients are listed on, but it seems like with everyone of the sites, the lists get miss aligned, meaning the dates dont match up with the names and the reviews dont match up with the names and so forth. Is there anyone that has taken on this type of challenge and are getting the proper data to show up correctly. Some of the review sites include Yelp, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Homevisor, ServiceMagic, and more. If anyone can help or has a already built solution let me
  4. I've read many posts on the topic and still think it could use some explanation or official documentation. I think this is how they work, but would appreciate confirmation. LOCAL VARIABLE IN A: 1. "Define" command/function - stays local and only commands inside this container can interact with the variable's value, unless you pass or return it. 2. A 2nd "define" command within another "define" command - even though this 2nd custom command is inside the top "defined" command, the local variables within the top container are not available to the 2nd command unless you pass the local va
  5. Hello, I am a new Ubot (dev version) owner and slowly learning when I can find time to do so. My main business is selling software and services to local offline businesses. Currently, I am looking to form Ubot partnerships with a select few, for local offline markets. If you have are interested , please pm me w/contact info to discuss the possibilites. We can connect on Skype, email or by phone. I look forward to connecting! Thank you
  6. Has anyone figured out a way to call a local css file or image to use in the ui html panel. These would be file that would be in the application folder. I know this can be done with images by converting to base64, but I'm wanting to do this by files in the application folder instead.
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