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Found 4 results

  1. is there a way to use UI commands mix with if commands like for example if 2+2=4 then display this UI commands then other UI commands I have try to do it but it never displays anything. any Ideas ?
  2. Hello, I want to output a table that gets the values from a database in the interface of the bot, and after that, the rows can be clicked so I can get the the value of a row. For example I might have a list of emails accounts in a database table, can I output them like a table in the bots interface, and then select an email as a sender and another one as a receiver just by clicking at them? Also, another thing that would be good if I could achieve it, is a searching function. For example if I could type some characters, hit on search and I get a list of the emails that mach that combinatio
  3. Guys one of my clients reported that this happens sometimes when he opens one of my bots,it usually works fine but sometimes this shows Up. Now it doesn't matter who i just wanted to ask you guys do you have this issue i also noticed that this started happening when my ubot Subscription expired (Somewhere around that time). I have many plugins but it used to work fine with all of them so what is the catch here? Did anyone encountered this and is there a solution? http://screencast.com/t/Srvlf6z55hm You see my bots have interface and a nice look but sometimes that "Look" Doesn't L
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