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Found 5 results

  1. Hey there, I posted this on the Skype group last month, but figured this would be a better place to give it away. Nothing ground breaking, but below are two defines that I made for returning random user agents and referrers for an HTTP bot project I was working on. I figured I could give this back to the group in hopes that it might save someone some work. These are popular user agent strings at the moment and the common referrers list you see below I pulled from actual analytics data. Anyways, free for you to use. Hope it helps someone out :-) define $randomUserAgent { add list to list(%
  2. Hi UBot Community and greetings to the advanced users (producers), as an experienced ubot studio user today, which code examples would you recommend to fresh or intermediate users in order to teach them the most useful, powerful or efficient techniques? It would be very helpful if some experienced users would be so generous to share some of their personal most recommended code samples with some fellow botters in order to learn and achieve a general mastery of the ubot software and capabilities. Any recommended code samples, ressources or related ubot methodology advice will b
  3. Hey there guys i have a bit of a problem since i literally never used Regex at all so i never had to use it inside Ubot so i need small help to determine the best way to scrape Information. So i am doing this "Test Ride" on this particular Example Check the image attached first http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Routes-Car-and-Truck-Rental-Calgary/Calgary-Alberta/Routes-Car-and-Truck-Rental-Calgary-FRAUD-CHARGING-MY-CREEDIT-CARD-WITHOUT-PERMISSION-1193004 I am trying to Scrape this info with regex the Phone Number, Website and Category Thing is Phone Number sometimes look different check t
  4. Hey guys, Got another tutorial for ya's This is using 2 free underrated plugins provided by ubotdev,com (btw thank youl) Command Line Arguments Advanced Shell Attached are 2 Ubot files one is for a service type bot that takes the parameters (service bot) and the other sends to the "service bot". You can compile the service bot and run the define command from the "head bot". Make sure you make the file path correct for your machine where you downloaded the files. (file path to service bot) For more info about the plugins go to ubotdev,com Enjoy! TC CMD-line-bot.ubot CMD-line-s
  5. Hi Guys I made this bot that will go to hidemyass.com, scrape the proxy list, and then run simultaneous threads (based on TJ's script). The only thing it doesn't do is pickup bad/dead proxies. I thought scraping them straight from HMA would work, but not too well, maybe 50% failure rate. Any suggestions welcome :-) ui drop down("Thread Count", "2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10", #num threads) comment("set total number of runs, I just made it 24 for testing purposes") set(#number accounts, 24, "Global") set(#num created, 0, "Global") set(#used threads, 0, "Global") loop(1) { navigate("http://www.hide
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