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Found 8 results

  1. Folks, Apart from Bootstrap (Twitter stuff), do you know of any free Mobile Responsive Design templates ? I got a pagination page. I need to convert that to Mobile responsive Design. Searching for a template so I can learn from it and convert my pagination page so it looks good on mobile phone browsers too as now it looks terrible as you need to scroll and the texts look too small, etc. Hence, need a Mobile Responsive Pagination page template. Also need Account Login, Account Registration Page (web forms), Account Home Page Mobile Responsive Design templates. Must be in Html 5 and CSS. I
  2. Are there any guides on getting dynamic CSS/elements in exbrowser plugin and in Ubot in general? I've been using Selenium and even IDE tends to give decent Xpaths. But ubot is lacking. Anyway, are there any methods you guys use that tend to be the most reliable? Or do you guys just use firepath and paste it in to Ubot?
  3. ~ UBOT CSS Themes ~ This is for the Standard, Professional and Dev user of Ubot. ~ GREAT BIG SALE FOR THE HOLIDAYS ~ TRY A THEME OF YOUR CHOICE FOR $2 OR BY A PACK FOR $8 ITS GREAT TO FOR LEARNING ALL THE INS AND OUTS OF UBOT CSS. http://ubot-themes.searchenginecode.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/SaleIconTransBig.png --------------------------------------------------------- Ubot5 Theme Pack Below ~ These theme packs will allow you to simple copy the CSS over to a UI Stat Monitor in Ubot and instantly have your Bot Styled. This allows the the freedom to move you're UI elements a
  4. UI Builders "Ubot 5" Gradient Theme Pack Light Weight Gradients used for Improved performance on your larger Bots, only 14-20 Kb Each 5 Simple Gradient Themes for $20, Have a Look. . . http://i.troll.ws/e7bba402.jpg The Ubot5 Theme To Celebrate the Arrival of Ubot5 The only one to have an Image on the left top. Under 20 Kb http://i.troll.ws/e612ddea.jpg Ubot 5 style with no image only gradient. Under 15 Kb http://i.troll.ws/89577b60.jpg Dark Gradient Under 13 Kb http://i.troll.ws/196bc0ee.jpg Grey Gradient Under 15 Kb http://i.troll.ws/90d5d236.jpg Dark B
  5. http://gyazo.com/bdbab8a9e5366b2f1d58c5b510fddcf3.gif http://gyazo.com/aa8118564eae07e12ae68ecd8df7ca31.gif http://gyazo.com/5734cee6856877bbf0b7db4335638c3e.gif http://gyazo.com/bc083fce8b5252549ff61a0fd70025b9.gif http://gyazo.com/b86e4841f4b7a41107cd7ddd9650ae82.gif (The changing of the colors is due to the mouse hovering over the button or clicking it) Free UI Button Styles I am giving away 5 free UI button styles in celebration of my sales thread! These buttons will work for standard, professional, and developer editions of Ubot Studio! If you would like to use the styles, just d
  6. I have an HTML table that is generated using ubot. Now I want the bot to go through a specific column in the table and, if a cell contains only the word "yes", change the background color of that cell to green. Conversely, if the cell contains only the word "no", I want the cell background to change to red. Any ideas regarding how how to go about this would be greatly appreciated! I have some coding experience (JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery mobile, PHP, etc.) but I'm very new to ubot. For reference, here is my current ubot code: clear table(&my table) clear list(%rows) clear list(%comp
  7. As we know we can use the UI Stat monitor in Ubot Pro with <style> and <script> We can however just style the default elements inside ubot with there native CSS classes. This would be a nice way to sell you bots with you ubot affiliate link inside the console just below the ubot branding... just a thought Just to help the pro users makes things a little prettier... Some Very Awesome Themes Are Commming Your Way PURE CSS..... Native to UBOT... Of course it possible with jquery as well...
  8. Hi I've looked everywhere for tutorials and reference material on how to create a customized HTML panel - specifically how to integrate CSS - haven't really found anything. Any ideas? Thanks
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