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Found 2 results

  1. hi, i want to create mail ru bot. iit works fine on registration page. but the problem after i click sign up button and it is redirected to verification page at https://account.mail.ru/signup/verify. i can not find the callback function or code. when i scrape the inner html of recaptcha form , i still can not find the call back function. if i click the continue button, then it will back to verification page again. is there any advice how to scrape callback function? i try document.getElementById("continue").click(); , but it is also failed. <form class="b-form b-form_responsive b-form_pop
  2. Hey all, Just a quick tip or tutorial,I guess this has been covered somewhere,and probably in more detail,if it has please leave a comment showing where,and I will close this thread,just done a quick search for callback function on ixquick,no results Wrong Way and the Right Way of creating Callback functions ie piloting your code from top to bottom or bottom to the top To save extra loops,and as a new user you have probably come across the following dilemma, Problem your script is near the end and if something you require happens you want the script to go back to the beginning,or most im
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