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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I've been selling ubot programs and one of the biggest problem is the annoying browser.exe crashes. This occurs quite frequently especially with multi-threading. I've created a simple little bot in Win Automation that will close any browser.exe crashes. Every 60 seconds, this bot will scan your windows list and if browser.exe crashes window is found, it will close ALL of the error browser windows down at the same time. Closing these crashed windows will not affect your UBOT, so no worries. This bot runs using only 15mb memory and can work alongside multiple ubot programs at once. I
  2. I started getting a lot of browser crashes on a program I'm working on and of course went to doing a search to find a fix. I found a lot of people report the issue and a few attempted workarounds. Here was my work around that did the trick (based on several other workarounds I found here). *Note- This was not for a multi-threaded app but I assume the process would still work. 1- Right inside your main loop, put in the "close page" command. 2- Right under that, put in a "in new browser" command. 3- Inside the "in new browser" command, put in everything else that is in your loop. 4
  3. Hi there, First of, i would like to say Hello :-) And second, of course, i got a question regarding the Browser.exe used by uBot Studio. Even when i compile an Installer (Dev-Edition), the File seems to use Browser.exe of the original installation. (AppData/uBot Studio/Browser) of my local user. When i run it on a fresh system (no Installer, no uBot Studio installed), it also creates this files at a local user directory (AppData/uBot Studio/Browser). My question: Is there any way to map an instance of uBotCompiledScript.exe to a specific Browser.exe? I need to run many browser.exe's
  4. I have had a UBot 4 that has been running reasonably okay for months. Today I can't get it to run and I have tried it on two separate machines and it fails with a browser.exe crash at the same point each time. I've tried recompiling and also going back to an earlier version but the same problem. I'm trying to think what has changed and I am now wondering if it could be related to the UBot 5 update 5.0.13 that I applied. Ubot 5 still has outstanding bugs making it unusable for me but does anyone know if UBot 4 and 5 share resources, and could the browser.exe crashing problem I am having
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