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Found 4 results

  1. Twitter has proceeded to many changes on their interface and I can no longer follow / unfollow and many other problems ... Have you encountered the same problem? If you have a good experience with Ubot and twitter, please contact me privately. Thanks
  2. I have a twitter bot that I built and have used for a long time. Fairly recently it stopped working because Twitter changed the unfollow button. Previously I could get ubot to go to the twitter profile/handle URL of the user of the user click Unfollow - this was done easily. Now ubot doesn't seem to be able to do it. I have tried many different ways including using an image but it wont click the button. I don’t want to use the twitter mobile site because of daily unfollow limits and because my bot has been designed for the main twitter site. Can someone please help with the code for th
  3. http://birdybooster.com/images/pdv.jpg Features: Add unlimited accountsFollow targeted UsersFollow Active people (exclusive tool)Retweet targeted tweetsFavorite targeted tweetsCreate lists and add users to listsMulti Follow with 5 accounts at the same time, followers from users.Multi Unfollow with 5 accounts at the same time, only people who doesn't follow you back, or everyone.Multi Retweet a tweet with all your accountsDM poster to all your followers, with spin, with 1 picture (shuffel from folder you choose), with links, and with the name of your follower inside the DMSchedule hundred
  4. I have been taking so much information from this great forum that I figured that it was time to give back, hope this is helpful to someone or everyone. This script will unfollow users that do not follow back on the social network site Pheed, this script can be easily applied to any social network site that has a followers list and a list of people you follow. The script creates four lists, this script starts by scraping the list of users that I am " subscribing to " List #1 then the script will scrape the list of users that are my " subscribers " List #2 after that the script will create a lis
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