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Found 4 results

  1. Is there a plugin or a way to restrict the access to the local folders to one specified folder? My bot uses the "include" command which allows someone to "define" some functions and I want to ensure that the define cannot be used to access local files other than one safe one I specify. My code is compiled so is there some code I can put in my compiled version that will achieve that in the external "define"? Does anyone want to design such a plugin? It is a security feature that some of us may want, to ensure that for instance "shell" and "special folder "commands are disabled in compiled
  2. Hi guys, anybody in this room fixed this problem? "operation did not complete successfully because contains a virus or potentially unwanted software" I tried to uninstall -> reinstall or repair etc but always failed I tried to disable my antivirus and or add ubot studio to trust file/directory but remain the same this problem comes today never happen before My PC: Win 10 with 360 Total Security insalled Ubot Studio developer edition please need your advice thanks
  3. WordPress Security Suite - 30 Million WordPress hacked in the past 2 weeks, don't let Yours be next! http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/wordpress_security_suite.jpg http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/header.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/header2.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/header3.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/header4.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/warning.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/guarantee.png http://twittertweetdominator.com/wps/buynow.png WordPress Security Suite - 30 Million WordPress hacked past 2 weeks, don
  4. http://advancelinking.com/images/wp-updater-attention.jpg 16% of all websites on the internet are powered by Wordpress. Wordpress sites are getting hacked by the masses daily. I know getting hacked is scary, because many of my sites were hacked.... However, this led me to develop a new desktop software to QUICKLY & EASILY mass update & secure all of my sites with just 1 click. Now all of my sites are updated, secured, and are automatically backed up daily giving me peace of mind....http://advancelinking.com/images/wp-updater-mind-cover.jpg Update & Protect ALL of Your Wordpress Si
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