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Found 3 results

  1. My automated A.I Twitter bot is now FREE. It utilizes a Artificial Intelligence service to reply to people over twitter with a unique response that requires no input from the operator. it checks for new messages at a customize time and will reply to questions or comments that it receives. It's a powerful addition to any marking account that you wish to give the impression that someone human is operating it. All posts to twitter are done using twitter for mobile to give that extra personal feel when someone checks how the replies were made. FREE.
  2. Just wondering, but has anyone in ubot thought about or even built a bot that functions with Artificial intelligence? Somewhat like a chatbot but can complete automated tasks.
  3. I just had a sort of epiphany in another thread, talking/answering to UBotBuddy. Fellow UBotters, WHAT IF we would have a contest where each we could build a bot to play a certain game, say... SCRABBLE for example.. and see who wins? What do you think? Something like coding some sort of A.I. (artificial intelligence) bot. Heh? Interesting? Seth & Co. might even jump in and add a nice prize(s) for the winner(s) - after all it would be just good advertisement.
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