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  1. Well, thank you for your reply, but it is NOT simple as that: apparently both products can DO the simple web manipulation I need and probably ubot will handle simple but local file manipulation... HOWEVER, it may turn out that during the presentation I am looking for - and for which I posted this WTB, in fact, not just to get "social" or create authority here - that it may be a better decision to chose ubot, due to whatever YET UNKNOWN or overlooked DETAIL... This is why I am WILLING TO PAY for this, instead to open a formal request for a presentation, directly to the sales department of ubo
  2. Dear kev, Thank you for your fast and kind reply! However... I am too new here: "You are not permitted to view member profiles."...! I can only hope that he will see this post too. Cheers!
  3. A warm “hello!” to al ubot’ers here! I have a rather atypical WTB request, but I still hope a doable one: I need to find a real EXPERIENCED user that is willing to give me a two part, “crash course” introduction in ubot! Again, I am not looking for someone that knows the manuals and help files contents as the Bible, I need someone that has A LOT OF PRACTICE with this system! I am a skilled programmer and I have used both “Visual” and non “Visual” based RAD tools, so it will be a straight forward process for you. Being perfect in English language is NOT a must, as long as we will manage
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