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  1. thanks! but i dont know a thing about shell comands, do you think you could help me a little more? i need to change ip/ or disconect and then connect again...
  2. yes i know, i was thinking maybe with some shell comands
  3. someone knows how to control OpenVPN from ubot? please help me!
  4. how can i stop the loop if the variable is higher than another variable please help me out fast! thanks!
  5. no didnt work it didnt send a single email.
  6. hi the imap didnt work either connect to mail server("IMAP With SSL", $table cell(&acc, #row, 0), $table cell(&acc, #row, 1), "imap.gmail.com", 993) { send email($next list item(%sl), $spin(#sub), "HTML", $spin(#mess), #attach, #from, "") }
  7. this code works with yahoo, but when i change the settings to smtp.gmail.com and port 587 then its not working...
  8. can annyone tell me why i cant send emails from gmail or hotmail, just yahoo? here is my code connect to mail server("SMTP", $table cell(&acc, #row, 0), $table cell(&acc, #row, 1), "smtp.mail.yahoo.com", 587) { send email($next list item(%sl), $spin(#sub), "HTML", $spin(#mess), #attach, #from, "") }
  9. can you please explain that a little more? thanks!
  10. hi i if i got an hotmail account like this: username@hotmail.com:password how can i separate "username@hotmail.com" and "password" into 2 variables? thanks for help!
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