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  1. Where can I download a previous version? I've accidentally upgraded and can no longer see any bot bank commands.
  2. Thank you for your response. That's disappointing, but confirmed what I guessed might be the case.
  3. I'm creating a bot for a client that will run via Task Scheduler on a server so I don't want to use any ui input boxes. I told him the login credentials could be stored in a .txt file in the same folder as the bot, or they could be coded into the bot. He is concerned about the security of both these suggestions. This is the only way I've ever done it. Is there a more secure way to store and automatically load login details that only he has access to? I want to use the internal ubot browser and not exbrowser because the bots I've previously made with exbrowser stop working w
  4. I'm trying to add a pin to a board from a URL. It choose the image, types the description then clicks on the board to save it to, but just as the board name is clicked, the typed description disappears. Any idea why this is happening? define Pin from URL { navigate("https://uk.pinterest.com/BOARD","Wait") wait($rand(7,11)) click(<innertext="Save Pin ">,"Left Click","No") wait(2) click(<class="addPinModalUrlButton">,"Left Click","No") wait(2) type text(<placeholder="https://...">,#nextItem,"Standard") wait(2) click(<outerhtml="<s
  5. Your video was a big help to me too, while trying to get to grips with tables and the usefulness of multi-threading is beginning to sink in. Thank you.
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