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  1. I don't see a support ticket in my email, maybe I didnt press send or something i'll submit one now
  2. Bought ubot 5 Pro last year and was using it no problems. I had to refresh a laptop and fresh install ubot, now I get this message "You are not eligable to use this version. Please contact support" I submitted a support ticket a day or 2 ago so the details are in there if needed thanks
  3. Download working for everyone? I tried to open the .ubot but get this error message: http://minus.com/mBYCNlHgc
  4. I'm trying to code a bot for a website but when I right click anywhere on the screen it brings up that websites own custom menu. Any idea on how to disable that so I can get access to the usual "choose by attribute" command?
  5. Just checked and its working again
  6. Anyone else getting errors when loading a compiled bot?
  7. It was partially fixed today but is still giving errors in compiled bots. I already emailed support with a link to a bot i am getting the error with.
  8. 1. Use the "replace" command to chop out the part you dont need. 2. Use the "list from text" command.. (you might want to replace / with , before if you can't get it to work) 3. Not sure. But you might be able to use "Click Dialog button" and enter NO as the string (its case sensitive)
  9. This just makes the bot slow & slightly less likely to have errors.. but there will still be errors.
  10. Yeah I think this is all possible.. not sure what regex is but you can easily search and select for attributes on a page. Not sure how I would go about downloading .pdf's but you could create a list of them quite easily & then rip later. Don't forget there is a 30 day money back guarantee.
  11. ive yet to see software that hasn't been cracked... best idea is to go with a login/password setup & monitor the ip addresses of the logins
  12. Won't all the browser headers be the same though?
  13. sonneti

    Random delays

    Click Delay, insert the maths constant $rand, then type in your min and max amounts
  14. I've attached a bot that will split a CSV file and show the results in the stats monitor. Just enter either 0, 1, or 2 for the row you want returned. hth Cheers for the example
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