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  1. Email is also broken in Ubot 5 and they don't' seem to want to fix it, saying it is now a "feature" request, even though it worked fine in 4 and doesn't work in 5. There are no upgrades to 4 anymore, but there really aren't many updates to 5 either since there is no full time developer anymore. When they finally get one, still will take a while before they understand ubot. Ubot 4 was always slow, but Ubot 5 is worse. Whenever a scheduled ubot starts from schedule or manually it locks up entire computer for 2-5 seconds on a powerhouse machine.
  2. Thanks a lot for this. Any chance you can add "contains" which returns true/false if a string contains a string. This is something that's harder than it should be in Ubot.
  3. There are things like Email and certain web things that were working in v4, (and 3) and don't work in 5, and support basically told me it is now a feature request and if enough people ask for it, they will do it which I wouldn't hold my breathe. Right now email doesn't even working for me and most of my bots I need to re-write require email. That was before Eddie left too.
  4. Hey, Been a while since I used Ubot, trying to get back into it as I have some bots I need to update.
  5. Since Eddie left a while ago, is there anyone currently working on Ubot codebase?
  6. I am trying to edit some old scripts and add some new ones that send emails. I have a local mail server that does not require username/password and uses IP white listing. In Ubot 4 this was not a problem, in UBot 5 it seems to fail and will not allow me to send mail using just IP and port.
  7. I had to do this myself, and I noticed there wasn't any help on this anywhere. Here is how I did it, works pretty good. I am subtracting 3 hours to compensate for the time difference. Just change it to how many miliseconds to you need to compensate for. set(#date, $eval("var now = new Date(); var d = new Date(now - 10800000) d.getFullYear() + \'.\' + (d.getMonth()+1) + \'.\' + d.getDate();"), "Global")
  8. I spoke with them in the past about this and the only protection they had in their mind was to offer it tied to the bot store but I think that's not happening either. If the market was bigger I'd offer something myself but it just isn't worth the time involved to sell a couple of copies. Unfortunately there are no good solutions. That's why Andy gets away charging $600 for an ebook wrapper with no support or updates.
  9. It is worth it if it was a well made protection system and you sold a lot of apps. Unfortunately it isn't.
  10. The problem is the way Ubot is done. It is .net but it uses an obfuscation system so .net packagers will not work as they cannot spawn ubot files properly. If you just wrap it (like Protect Gold does) and just drop it in the file system, you need to put protection inside Ubot code to interface with the wrapper, or someone can just yank the file off the file system and by pass your protection. Almost all the commercial products do this, but they only do so in Visual Studio code (like C#), none of them have this protection code available in Ubot syntax. Ubot is very limited in what it can do
  11. It isn't updated either, considering it is a kludge put together with ebook software it is very overpriced. Only thing, it is the only thing that really works right now. Commercial software packages don't really work. I've tried many of them.
  12. I don't think there is. The most successful bots are likely used privately to solve problems and save a lot of money. There are a few WSO that use ubot but nothing really big. Some have done well selling coding services but in the end it is similar to minimum wage.
  13. I don't think this is possible in 4.0 since there are no mouse commands. I believe it might be possible in 3.x. You could write a c# program that is called from ubot. Would take some work but should be doable.
  14. For many reasons it just isn't possible. You can make sub-bots that do parts of it but making one big tool just isn't going to happen.
  15. Works good. Similar to what I came up with. I didn't want to have to shell out. Thanks TheJake.
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