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  1. I am looking for a Ubot Programmer to QA a bot. The bot is complete but it needs some QA work and finishing work. Is there a place that we can hire and find uBot Programers?
  2. After the most recent update all my legacy you bots that have the UI command, Keep jumping down or skipping down When I am in node view . Thus disallowing me from being able to script . Does anyone else have the same issue?
  3. move file("C:\\Users\\glenn\\Downloads\\contact_export_.+?\\.c[a-z]v","C:\\Users\\glenn\\Documents\\Ubot\\Vulcan 7\\All In ONE\\Data\\One download list from Vulcan\\") wait(2) what does the . after contact do Also what does the + do What does the ? mark do By the way how do you copy into this field?
  4. AWS is keeps changing the file download name each time I download. Does anyone know how to identify that download name so I can change the name of the random file and move it? In other words, one download is contactas_;aiksjoiwt'oij.cxv, the second download is contacts_3405t978hjsa093745t.csv I have now way of identifying that download outside of the most resent download, thus I can not change the name or move it upload it back into Ubot.
  5. Hi, I watched Dan's video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=togFmbnC058 at the 3:15 mark of his video, he states that if you use the xbrowser click command and it opens the first selection, despite there being multiple selection, you need to be more specific. But he does not teach how to get specific. Then he states that he has training videos on how to do this. I took a screen shot below, and I have 11 option, and in Dan's example he has 7. So this scenario is my exact problem.
  6. Comeaway


    Here is an image of the site I am trying to post to: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pNKA8VuYTGz9uf4AQt8vnVoKav0lJ7Zu I can't get to the webpage because it is inside my member area: Here is the HTML: <div><div class="zk-file-drop-base file-drop-blured" aria-disabled="false" style="position: relative;"><div class="compose-box_container"><div class="DraftEditor-root"><div class="public-DraftEditorPlaceholder-root"><div class="public-DraftEditorPlaceholder-inner" id="placeholder-7cvne" style="white-space: pre-wrap;">Type a message</div></div
  7. Comeaway


    I a webpage I can't type into with EXbrowser using xpath. I have had the same issues with Standard Ubot. Any suggestions. If you a consultant I would be happy to reimburse you.
  8. how do you get around SSO posts. I want to go to blogs and post these blob posts to Facebook/LinkedIn/twitter. but the login window does not popup, or I can't get to the popup window that comes up on the right column. Please help me.
  9. https://www.pointstone.com/products/systemcleaner/ OK... I figured it out... just run system cleaner:
  10. I am stuck too..... There was something to do in regedit, but I forgot the path. Something needs to be deleted or modified. We are at the mercy of someone responding to us.
  11. I am posting a lot of advertisments to criags list for real estate listing. I am stuck. On page one when you do a "renew" the entire word underlined "renew" dasappears and allow UBOt to sequence to the next avaialbe "renew" (FYI - for some unknow reason Ubot starts from the the bottom a works its way up.) Now, I have listing on page two and three, (see attached pic) now I can easily get ubot sequence up to page 2 and three, however Craiglist has thrown us a curve ball. Criagslist only allows top to bottom "renew"als, because Ubot starts at the bottom, UBot is block from renewing th
  12. There is a clear way to copy a list from a text file into UBOT using list to list, but is there a way to copy a the list inside of UBOT back to a file for future use. Here is the problem. I have an alphabetical list a through z. I am incrementing from a to z. However some where in there, the online app is going to return.... "you have reached your limit" Ubot is in some unpredictable increment in-between this A to Z Cycle. I need to pickup from the last increment. Is there a way to copy the consumed list from inside of UBot back out onto a text file, so the next day i can crea
  13. got it thanks. Very creative.
  14. This an easy problem to explain but translating into a bot has me feeling stupid. You have two variables. Last name and first name. Last name increments one letter at a time. So A to B, B to C, C to D. Easy. But I need to loop inside of LAST name sequence A to B .... 26 first name letters; so first name beginning with A and ending with B. THUS A to B looks like this.... SEQUENCE 1 Last name equal or greater then A Last name less than B First name equal or greater than A First name less than B SEQUENCE 2 Last name equal or greater then A Last name less th
  15. HI LoWrIdErTJ i understand this: looping through it with next list item But what do you mean by this: can set a variable before the loop and increment the variable inside the loop Regards, G
  16. The goal is to crack the Salesforce Limitation regarding its complicated process of preventing SPAM. Saleforce SPAM prevention tactics are three fold 1) Limit number of emails that can be sent in any given day (max 2000) 2) Limit the number of email that can be sent out at any given time (max 250) 3) Limit access to group email blasts THUS pigeon holing a user to using a very tedious manual emailing process See Attachment one. ------------------------------------ 1) BOT to log in (defined commands – where can I learn more about this topic?) 2) Bot to set up lists (as you can se
  17. what is the best way to write a script that will sequencially incrament to the next letter.
  18. I have set up my log in bot, and have gotten my bot to run a full cycle. Now I want the next cycle to run, but I don't want the bot to run from the very beginning, how do I prevent my script for going back to the beginning? Unfortunately, my bot is very, very complex. Perhaps there is a way to run a sequential bot to simulate a more complex process. For example, I can run a set up bot that logs me in once. Then I can run a secondary bot, for my secondary process etc., etc. I don't see any way to set up schedule, how are schedule handled? Thanks, g g
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