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  1. Getting this every time I try to interact through installed Chrome. The HTTP request to the remote WebDriver server for URL "http://localhost......." /execute timed out for 60 seconds.
  2. Also the support site is not letting me login/create a new account or reset my password.
  3. Out of nowhere I am not able to use Ubot with installed Chrome. If anyone is out there, please help. Also are we ever going to get updates again?
  4. I am getting the same error. This was supposed to be fixed in an update already. There seems to be no urgency to fix this product. Very frustrating.
  5. That was my mistake. I used thread spawn by itself. I will be posting my code later today.
  6. I am trying to use threads to scrape data from a site but am running into a major delay issue. At first about a minute passes between when threads should be closing and being spawned. I am using threads to run my bot more efficiently and save time but as of right now it is slower than not using threads. I have tried using the thread count plugin + thread, thread count + thread spawn. I am also using the exbrowser plugin. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  7. I have used the UI stat monitor for the longest time but now have moved onto using the UI editor. How can I use a label/text box/something else found in the UI editor or with the use of html/css to track a variable value within the UI panel?
  8. I am looking for a way to import and use multiple sets of usernames/passwords from a text file. They are in this format - username:password Is it possible to break the two values apart?
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