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  1. It's the registration page for mail.com https://signup.mail.com/#.7518-header-signup2-1
  2. Im trying to save a captcha image, but I cannot get the save screenshot command working without cutting off part of the captcha. I've tried all methods, save screenshot, save screenshot special, and save screenshot element. I also tried downloading the captcha image directly by finding the google payload link, but I get a 400 error when trying to get the jpg. I have had no luck with this for the past week , any help would be appreciated.
  3. I just figured it out. Looks like the content was within an iframe. I guess the document text doesn't get that info.
  4. It doesn't match anything still. Is google using some other characters that look similar is that possible? This is the page im trying to scrape the img from https://www.pof.com/register.aspx?id=1 I couldn't even get it with xpath I've been struggling with this for a couple of days.
  5. I'm trying to scrape a google url only, and my regex works in the online tester but for some reason in Ubot studio it does not match this is my regex https:\/\/www\.google\.com\/recaptcha\/api2\/payload[^"]+ this is what html looks like <img class="rc-image-tile-44" src="https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api2/payload?p=06AOLTBLTa-vvrnIWo7i1_Eix6gNYTpUzPqU12orIsTHtCreitubGC47NpV5W65VenezqAvBB9phZcGYE6v9OYJ4I3s8nroGgeAOWQbVj7Weydh5KaDmwq73-QYKgZkttOzh-8LLq-ef4dOfOgxPBxA-694yvaaFvUTCjUVq7FDrR0eKhx3KV9jXM&k=6LfYMygUAAAAAM1da_u97ejUiRNeG_b2opEPAKkv" style="top:0%; left: -300%">I'v
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