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  1. It's just a simple scrape with the $scrape attribute. I changed the browser from Chrome 79 to Chrome 21 and all errors are gone.
  2. Thank you Fellow UBotter Yes, I was placing all scraped data into a list. But scraped data are all formatted in Strings right? And the error shows up while in the middle of gathering all data. It hasn't been saved or in the process of being saved in a List just yet.
  3. I was just trying to scrape text and am not even using boolean. But I do get this error whenever that text I was trying to scrape changes (please see attached file). Anybody knows how to prevent this? thanks!
  4. Hey guys, How do you fix this error ... Cannot deserialize JSON array into type 'system.boolean'. I was trying to scrape a particular value on page and within a loop b/c I placed a 10-second time interval between scrapes. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I built a bot that scrapes values off a real estate site and every couple of months or so the page's url changes. Is it possible to implement a patch to my bot or bots that I've already sold that reflects the new url of the page I want it to scrape? Like an update which automatically downloads when the bot starts. Thanks!
  6. Hello fellow botters, Is it possible to call a Ubot defined command/function from a UI HTML Panel's script block? Thanks!
  7. Hi guys, Is there a way to customize error message popups? I have a bot that fires a process or executes a task every hour. My problem is that if I get disconnected from the internet and the bot tries to do its round of tasks, it fires an error message that shows (like a path) to which part of the process has fired the error. I want to customize that message and tell the user that they're experiencing net connection issues. Has anyone tried this? Please share with me. Thanks!
  8. Hi again, I was blown by how Ubot can use the onclick event that triggers a defined function in the bot. But do we also have an onload event that can be triggered whenever my bot first starts? I wanted the bot to log the users into my members area and scrape their details while the splash page is still flashing. That way I can focus on loading other resources that the bot needs and minimize the clicks needed for the bot to get the job done. Or maybe we have an alternative for the onload that I can use? Many thanks!
  9. Hi guys, I created my UI in the UI HTML Panel and I have about 8 processes for the bot to complete before looping for another round. Currently all I have is a variable that outputs text that lets me know what process is currently being done. It would be awesome if I could also manipulate the animation of Bootstrap's progress bar so that it animates after each process has been completed. This is my html code for the progress bar : <div class="progress mx-auto px-0 col-11"> <div class="progress-bar progress-bar-animated" role="progressbar" style="width: 0%" aria-valuenow="0" ari
  10. Hey guys, apologies for the late reply. So basically I wanted the container to have some transparency, especially on the sides, something like the splash graphic when you first start ubot where you see the license validation text.
  11. Does this work on the dev edition of Ubot Studio X as well? That's a really cool plugin!!
  12. Hi guys, Is it possible to change the window container to an svg graphic? I wanted to make container/window look cooler than a native app Thanks!
  13. Hello fellow uBotters, My bot creates a settings file which is saved in the same root folder as the bot. One of the settings in this file is suppose to check the checkbox when I read the file and import all user-defined settings before the bot starts working. The variable that handles this checkbox value is being populated correctly, but I want the checkbox to be checked from the UI as well. I am using the UI HTML Panel. Any thoughts you could share? Thanks!
  14. Hi All, I have this text scraped from a webpage "4Hours47Minutes23Seconds", and I wanted to put a space at the end of each number. So far I am only able to group them like this (\d{1,2}.{1,5})+(\d{1,2}.{1,7})+(\d{1,2}.{1,7}). Which outputs : 4Hours47Minutes23Seconds My question is, how do I perform the adding of this space character? Output should be 4 Hours 47 Minutes 23 Seconds. Thanks!
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