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  1. Hello Pash, Great ! Thanks for the really quick update ! The request sent contains the requested invisible parameter now. But what about the proxy problem ? Is it something to be fixed or am I doing something wrong ? Thanks in advance. Regards, Paul
  2. Hello Pash, Great plugin thanks a lot. It works great for me in normal use. Recently I wanted to use a proxy but it appears it's not working. When I try with a proxy the request is effectively sent to 2captcha.com from the right IP but I soon get returned this error in my list: "The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive" I can't find any example of proxy use with your plugin in all your samples. There seems to be 2 inputs with "proxy" in their Label ("2captcha proxy" and "Proxy") I don't know which to choose I've done this: add list to list(%captchaS
  3. Hi, I think OP is talking about this plugin: http://ubotplugin.com/product/advanced-captcha-v3/ Working great for me paolovador
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