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  1. Well, that was the dumbest mistake i ever made. I even laughed at myself. I used "add item to list" instead of "add list to list". The thread can be closed.
  2. I had a break with Ubot and now I am kinda stuck. I created a list from file, every item is in a new line, but ubot loads it as a one item ? What's wrong ? add item to list(%name,$list from file("C:\\Users\\name\\Desktop\\Folders\\BOT\\Tekst\\tekst ct1.txt"),"Don\'t Delete","Global")
  3. Ahhh both regex codes are scraping numbers longer than 5 digits. NVM fixed my problem with your code and regex in scrape attribute. Thank you guys !
  4. Hi guys, I had read few forums about regex but I couldn't find any ready fix for my problem. Code : <li><span>Avg MMR</span><!-- react-text: 6038 -->9554<!-- /react-text --></li> I want to get the highlighted numbers. This will be the only one line of code from scrape attribute, the number can be 3,4 or 5 digits long. So I need something like - get 3,4 or 5 digits after --> and before <!-- .
  5. Amazing, regex for me is like black magic. Thank you !
  6. Hi, I'm trying to scrape only numbers, unfortunately the number is in the same class with the rest of text. <span class="stats-row">15 Items Avaible</span> I need this value for comparison. Also, i want to remove brackets from scraped innertext : <a href="#reviews" class="gig-ratings-count js-gtm-event-auto" data-gtm-category="gig-page-triple" data-gtm-action="click" data-gtm-label="buyer-reviews">(205)</a> Thank for help in advance!
  7. Change attribute works very well, thank you!
  8. Ok, now I'm sure that button needs to be clicked, I can't scrape URL. Anyway scraped URL doesn't work and I won't get a reward point. There is some way to fix that? Button it's not clickable in Ubotbrowser even with a mouse, either on Chrome 21 and 49. Url should be popped in a new tab. In Botchief everything works perfectly, but I really don't like this software. Code of the button : <a href="/webapp/extern.php?id=4149" onclick="alert('Nalezy tylko kliknac strona musi sie zaladowac');" target="_blank">Kliknij1</a>
  9. Hi, I need to have my shared browser constantly open. I can't use wait or pause script, because bot will still run in the main window. Also, i can't switch browser, I mean - i can't scrape in main borwser and then navigate in shared, because scraped links won't open there properly. Maybe I can use thread command? But will it share cookies? If not "list.com" will not count my actions on scraped sites. set set navigate to : google.pl in shared browser: ------------------------------------------------- navigate to : list.com login scrape1 scrape2 ---------------------------------------------
  10. It's true, but i need to have 2 tabs open at the same time,"in shared browser" disappear after 1 sec, i want to have shared tab at the front. It is possible ?
  11. Hello again, i have a big problem and that is an unclickable button. I mean you can click it, but i won't work, i changed browser from IE to chrome, but there are no changes. It doesn't work either with command and browser click. Maybe because it needs new browser tab ? You can find the code below :
  12. Awesome, it works perfectly, I appreciate your help. Thank you once more !
  13. Many thanks for your help, but for me it's still scraping tags. So the website is - chaturbate .c*m (+18) and i want to scrape all rooms urls from 1 page. With your code it also scrape tags which are above.
  14. So with this code it should scrape only from <li> which are in <ul> tag, but it doesn't work. Ubot is still scraping all a href tags, including these from div's below (hashtags). <div class="c-1 endless_page_template"><div id="hashtag_ticker"><a id="more_hashtags_link" href="/tags/">(more tags)</a><a href="/tag/fire/">#fire</a><a href="/tag/knife/">#knife</a> - i don't want to scrape <a href="/tag/fish/">#fish</a> </div><div><h2></h2></div><div class="searching-note" style="display:non
  15. It works, but it also scrape links from div above, i want only links which are under ul tag.
  16. Hello. I already read Offset tutorial, but i still can't get it. So i want to scrape a href link under all of <li> tag's and add them to the new list. <li><a href="/alfaromeo3455534/">....</li> So the whole code looks like this : <body><div id="main"><div class="content"><div class="c-1 endless_page_template"><ul class="list"><li> <ahref> </li><li> <ahref> </li><li> <ahref> </li><li> <ahref> </li><li> <ahref> </li>...</ul>
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