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  1. I think I have figured it out. I haven't got to test it yet, but thinking back on it right now, I have "#cycles" and its looping a cycle and not a page.
  2. So I am trying to just make a basic scraper for domains for personal use. I don't know if this is just a thing in the Ubot Creator that is default. I haven't actually compiled it to an EXE because it keeps stopping. Can someone check where I am going wrong? You may see "#meter". That was suppose to clear my list after so many cycles since I thought that my list "%exportDomain" was overloaded causing it to stop. I guess not. "#cycles" is basically each new page. "#position" is counting the offset to scrape each domain. "%exportDomain" is the domains scraped. You will need an account on ht
  3. Outdated, but wondering if you found a solution?
  4. Works perfectly for me. I'm using this bot for personal use so the 1/10th of a second lost by this process doesn't bother me. Thanks again!
  5. So I am trying to scrape numbers off of http://majestic.com/ The citation flow and trust flow numbers. Example page: https://majestic.com/reports/site-explorer?q=0-ch.com&oq=0-ch.com&IndexDataSource=F When I try to select the element in which to scrape, no HTML appears. Is there another form of approach to this? My current command setup to scrape the content: set(#trustflow,$scrape attribute(<class="trust_flow_innertext">,"value"),"Global") I am also using the standard version of uBot.
  6. I am trying to visit https://searchtrade.com/through UBot, and when I do so, I am presented with the following error message: http://i.imgur.com/UPyMSpO.png Is there a way I can work around this or am I screwed because its server side issues? EDIT: Well wont be making a bot for the site now, but learning more about this connection reset would be nice.
  7. Is there a tutorial anywhere as to how I can solve recaptcha with 2captcha? I tried to look at the sample file but it seems to be doing text only. I'm not really advanced with ubot so any help is appreciated.
  8. Ok so I am trying to change a table column with an IP for the bot to use, and so far that is going fine. Here is the code for that: set table cell(&accounts,#row,2,$random list item(%proxies)) Now after that, I need it to remove that list item from its current list using this code: remove from list(%proxies,$list position(%proxies)) But when it is setting the proxy in set table cell, its choosing random numbers from a list that is non existant. If you look at the debugger: http://puu.sh/lrUko/11be2c2243.png Looking at row 0 & 2 both have a value of 9 in column 2. But I have
  9. I am trying to figure out how I can generate all possible combinations between a given IP range. SUch as I thought I was working good to create it, but then I realized I have the period in between the number. How should I approach this? Anyway to use rand() in here?
  10. Thanks for responding with information. What is the exact useragent of "Chrome 39"? I tried to Google "Chrome 39 User Agent" but not finding anything. I checked out UAS.com : http://www.useragentstring.com/pages/Chrome/and there is no 39.
  11. If you have DEveloper edition as you have in your profile, then I see no reason this wouldn't work out well. As a standard user shit never can get made properly or can't fulfill certain simple bot requests for clients. Have had to turn down so many because I didn't have 1-2 features of a developer version.
  12. Dang... That's really unfortunate. Upgrading isn't the problem. The newer features could really help, but I don't have the funds to do so. Has it been tested in the major UA's or is that individual UA the only working one?
  13. I am trying to create a bot for a client that uses DailyMotion and well, I don't know what is causing this, but when I navigate to DailyMotion videos through UBot, the page doesn't fully load. I tried loading this for example: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x3e2uy0_new-star-trek-show-dream-crew_fun And of that video only the following loads: http://puu.sh/los0H/91cfcd6d7a.png I don't care about any of that, I am trying to load the comment section which doesn't seem to work. Any way to solve this, or am I just magically the only one who can't get it to load? I tried manually setting
  14. Doesn't seem to do anything for me. Could you upload the script you used to do it? Possibly I am missing something following your directions.
  15. So I am trying to click the upvote element from a reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/3ssu1v/the_2015_cardinals_are_on_their_way_to_becoming/cx02unv And I cannot get it to click the upvote icon even with offset set to 1. Someone helped me in another thread by writing Js to click the element. So I am trying to do that but having trouble. I've combined these sources, but don't know how to piece them together to click the upvote icon for the first comment here: https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/3ssu1v/the_2015_cardinals_are_on_their_way_to_becoming/cx02unv http://www.
  16. Hey man thanks a lot for this. I didn't exactly need the other JS's, but the JS for submit definately did the trick. You're a life saver!
  17. What I was trying to say is they did not correlate to why it couldn't click the button. But thanks for noticing. Thanks, this might help others, but I don't have developer edition unfortunately.
  18. When I do that, and run the command, it quickly does something to the page but doesn't actually create anything. Looks like it shows the homepage zoomed out really quick and thats it. I tried to do a gif recording: http://recordit.co/6rCHJ7Y8Ia But within it you can't see the page quickly do something. The error messages you see in the beginning is because no imported proxy/user agent lists from the add list to list command. (I set the user agent manually for testing). As you can see though, it hits the "Click" command and nothing happens.
  19. I am trying to create a bot for reddit, and it needs to create accounts. When I run the bot, when it is set to click "Sign Up" it doesn't actually click it. I am registering through http://reddit.com/register I've tried click(<create account button>,"Left Click","No") click(<innertext="SIGN UP">,"Left Click","No")I am not sure what else to try. The user agent is set to chrome. I have also tried Firefox, UBot, and IE but none of them change anything at all. Thanks for the help UBot Community. Ive had this type of button issue with many sites having to turn down clien
  20. You're right. But someone wants to buy the bot off me and I would really prefer the cash right now instead of thinking of a few upvotes on his torrents. Some people have good intentions, but they need a way to get themselves out there. I just am stuck on the ID to upvote correlation.
  21. Im looking to create it myself. Thanks though for offering to create it.
  22. I am trying to create a torrent upvoter for torrentz.eu/ Basically it needs to log in, visit any random torrent, example URL: https://torrentz.eu/1085e6d1523284542207b55161f6770f0f038a0c And I am trying to either make it upvote a comment based on input of the users ID name, or the value of their post. (Text). I can't figure out how to correlate post value or username to clicking the upvote icon. You need to be logged in to vote. Can anyone inform me how I should go about doing this?
  23. So a client needs a bot that will log into a gmail account, and scrape every like in the email that contains http://link.com/?RANDOM This is my first time doing this and I found a video by Seth here: But when I set it up with GMail that has POP enabled, it doesn't even log in. I have it set to POP with SSL Email is GMAIL email. Server is pop.gmail.com Port is 995 This is the image I get when submitting the information: http://puu.sh/kXE9Q/18707e7915.png I am trying to google/search this forum for a solution and not one thing in the slightest is helping. I did yes visit the U
  24. I don't know if bumps work on this forum, but this is really interesting and I feel others should see it to. So if it bumps, bump!
  25. It mentioned having a new browser engine, and then it just listed other crap that's already built in. http://puu.sh/juhyU/18e14c25b3.png If the new browser engine actually works on webpages in 2015, I would probably think about getting the update. But if this is just another advertising email, I most likely will just get off the list, and of course not get the update.
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