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  1. Hi, Here is a simple multi thread sample. Threading your program will not be easy. Trying to keep the shortened urls together and in order with the url used to generate them. ui text box("threads", #threads) ui text box("cycles", #cycles) set(#theadcount, 0, "Global") set(#cyclecount, 0, "Global") loop(#cycles) { loop(#threads) { loop while($comparison(#theadcount, ">=", #threads)) { wait(1) } increment(#theadcount) thread { in new browser { navigate("http://www.ubotstudio.com/playground/simple-form", "Wait")
  2. Hi, You could save variable in ui stat monitor to a text file. Then open the text file with notepad. Use CTL-A and CTL-C. Sample code: set(#clipit, "save to clpboard", "Global") set(#file, "c:\\dnld\\testclipboard.txt", "Global") save to file(#file, #clipit) shell("cmd.exe /C notepad.exe {#file}")Thanks, Kevin
  3. Hi, This should work with Ubot Studio version 5.: Replace new lines with nothing when loading #page Added to regex A-Z for capital letters set(#page,$nothing,"Global") navigate("http://www.yellowpages.com/search?search_terms=realtor&geo_location_terms=Homestead%2C+FL","Wait") wait(3) set(#page,$replace($document text,$new line,$nothing),"Global") set(#Compan Names,$find regular expression(#page,"(?<=class=\"business-name\" data-impressed=\"1\">)[0-9A-Za-z ]+"),"Global")This should work with Ubot Studio version 4. Replace new lines with nothing when loading #page Added to regex A-Z
  4. Hi, Originally tested with Ubot version 4. Just tested with Ubot version 5. My test was successful. Kevin
  5. Hi, This Ubot "shell command" you provided worked for me. Kevin
  6. Try this for 32bit app installed on 64bit Windows: shell("{$special folder("Program Files")} (x86)\\viewer\\Theviewer Viewer.exe")or shell("cmd.exe /C {$special folder("Program Files")} (x86)\\viewer\\Theviewer Viewer.exe")Kevin
  7. Hi, Sample code: sample-table-003.ubot Kevin
  8. Hi, Sample code: shell("{$special folder("Desktop")}\\folder\\mail.exe") shell("cmd.exe /C {$special folder("Desktop")}\\folder\\mail.exe")Kevin
  9. Hi, @dan Where is the loop for a count of 0 that the navigate command is in. No matter updated .ubot file to match code. Kevin
  10. Hi, Javascript code to get image width and height: set(#imgurl, "http://www.selby.com.au/media/catalog/product/u/h/uhf088.jpg", "Global") loop(2) { set(#imginfo, $eval(" var imgHeight var imgWidth function findHHandWW() \{ imgHeight = this.height;imgWidth = this.width;return true \} function showImage(imgPath) \{ var myImage = new Image() myImage.name = imgPath myImage.onload = findHHandWW myImage.src = imgPath \} showImage('{#imgurl}') imgWidth+\"x\"+imgHeight"), "Global") }sample-image-properties-002.ubot Kevin
  11. Hi, Changed: 1. loop to loop while. Should exit loop while on match. 2. $find regular expression to $replace regular expression. 3. Added if then else checks to avoid exceed list error Code: set list position(%file1, 0) set list position(%file2, 0) loop($list total(%file1)) { if($comparison($list position(%file1), "<", $list total(%file1))) { then { set(#xxxx, $replace regular expression($next list item(%file1), ".*\\\\", $nothing), "Global") set list position(%file2, 0) set(#foundmatch, $false, "Global") loop while($both($com
  12. Hi, Yeah your are correct. My code sample just set a value via command prompt. Does not interact with a program. Weird the program you are running does not provide a means to pass additional value(s) for the prompt(s). Kevin
  13. Hi, This works for me: set /P myname="Enter name: "Kevin
  14. Hi, Code: set(#selected, $replace($find regular expression($replace("", $new line, "[NL]"), "(|\\r\\n+"), "[NL]", $new line), "Global")Kevin
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