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  1. You know what's the best part of this plugin? Nick is the most active and most helpful person in the community, meaning you will never feel like you have left alone.
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  2. Bought this and I'm super impressed - barely scratched the surface and can't believe how powerful it is. It's literally the missing piece of the puzzle. After dealing with frustrations of the old XAML UI plugin and datagrid (different developer), Nick has released the [almost] perfect solution. I paid the developer of the XAML UI / datagrid (way more than this plugin costs) for a custom plugin to allow for multiple datagrids in one bot but still have issues with it, so haven't been able to use the modified version of those old plugins. So far, from what I've experimented with, Ultimate UI is
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  3. Version 2.0 Head up. I'm aiming for a 1st of October release date. Will run a 1-week pre-launch for existing customers, so they can get in with a discount. Will share more info soon. Please stay tuned. Cheers Dan
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