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[Code] How To Check If Your User Has The Ms Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 Is Installed

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Many Windows 7-10 users may not have the MS Visual C++ Redistributable Package installed on their machines. UBot 5 Stealth requires this to run your .exe. So just in case here is how to check for it programmatically.

if($not($file exists("{$special folder("System")}\\ucrtbase.dll"))) {
    then {
        comment("opens download page in default browser")
        python("","import webbrowser

        alert("Please download and install this.")

Basic but you get the idea you can be more specific of course.


######### Added 2017-02-15 use at your own risk


dAnother way to get all the run-times installed is to use the command line:


win key + cmd

then type

wmic product get name, version, installlocation


This will print out what is installed on the machine including the VS C++ distributions.


This site here shows how to install them with a .bat file.


Read the comments may help you too.l


## added 2017-12-16


Also, you can have your user just  do this


Virus total


site who is info

re	Registrant name	Registrant email	Registrant phone
majorgeeks.com	2000-04-07T19:14:03Z	2023-04-07T19:14:03Z	James Mcmahon	jim@mcmahon.cc	3154883721

Hope this helps!


check if ms vs 2015 is installed.ubot

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