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Found 13 results

  1. I'm back lol! Just paid to get the latest update only to find out that i cannot login into gmail???? "This browser or this app may not be secure. Try using a different browser" I got chrome79 in the settings. What's the problem?
  2. Hello everyone, I am trying to have my bot log in to gmail, go to the spam folder search for a specific text within a specific number of pages. When it finds an email that matches it clicks it, choose display images, then clicks one of the images and from there chooses not spam, and continues to look through the emails from the last page it left off. I have all of this working minus clicking on the images. I have tried several things such as scraping the content of the email and using a regex expression to find image source, image link, .jpg, etc.. but nothing is working. When I try to click
  3. Is is still possible right now to create many gmail accounts using ubot? There are securities that hinders the bot to create an account (PVA and captchas). I want to know if this is still doable. Thanks
  4. So I'm looking to create a ton of accounts on a social site, but am looking for some recommendations re email verification. To avoid leaving a footprint, I'd prefer to use all the common email providers (hotmail, yahoo, gmail, etc). What is the easiest way to verify the new account emails, and do you recommend any sellers of these email accounts? What possible issues can I run into, etc? Just looking for tips from all you veterans! Thanks.
  5. I have several gmail accounts. I want to create a bot that goes into each email, check for new emails, and send replies. How it works: After ubot connects to that email via POP3, it creates a table out of those emails to collect data such as sender's email, time, subject, body, etc. Then it uses that data to send replies. Deleting emails accessed with POP: In gmail settings, I set it up so that when messages are accessed with POP, it deletes gmail's copy. That way, tomorrow, when I run ubot again, it doesn't check and reply to the same emails from the day before. Problem: The problem i
  6. I am trying to connect to my gmail account, loop through the emails, and scrape certain links from each email. Everything seems to be working fine up until the line where it deletes the email after the "add list to list" command. I am getting an error that says: "Script Error Error: Socket not ready for send/recv" "Source: > torontomls > connect to mail server > loop > if > then > delete mail" When I step through the code and look at the debugger I can see that the "add list to list" command actually works, so I know the code is making it that far. I can also see that
  7. Hello, I'm curious to know if anyone can make a bot that will create Gmail Account - If yes,i will buy it immediately. I know that is very difficult to do that because of Phone Verification but there are a lot of Public Phone Verication or event Private Phone Number for use. The only source i found on web is www.medialoverz.com but i found some bad review about it and i would like to test something else. Thanks
  8. Hey, just wanted to see if this was possible. Can we replace part of the DOM in an HTML page on the fly (i.e. while it is loaded)? I am looking to generate Gmail Emails (from drafts) and am having a lot of trouble keeping the format of certain text (bold, italics, URL links, etc.). Copy and Paste is just buggy and generating everything with a $type text() (along with clicking/unclicking bold, italic, link button, etc.) just seems like an exceptional waist of time. This does not go into the fact that I would like these Emails to be up-datable by someone else other than me later on (i.e.
  9. I am trying to get my Gmail account creator to select the dropdown menus( I am using the standard version of Ubot 5 ), everything I've tried so far doesn't work...
  10. Hello, I have been working on a bot to login into gmail, search for a email according to the title. Question I have is how can I get ubot to search for the subject and the current date in that subject. For instance: Web Design Leads - Saturday December 14 2013. Where it is looking for the subject line on the page that has the current date. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  11. Has anyone been able to create a successful facebook account generator bot?
  12. can annyone tell me why i cant send emails from gmail or hotmail, just yahoo? here is my code connect to mail server("SMTP", $table cell(&acc, #row, 0), $table cell(&acc, #row, 1), "smtp.mail.yahoo.com", 587) { send email($next list item(%sl), $spin(#sub), "HTML", $spin(#mess), #attach, #from, "") }
  13. I am looking for a bot that will log into gmail, confirm that the account is NOT suspended. If the account is not suspended you will get a message that says we have noticed suspicious activity on your acct yata yata. please confirm your phone number that we have on file.. XXX XXXX XX23. I need the bot to also verify that the phone number I have on file is the same that google does. If anyone could make this, (preferably be able to load the Gmail/password/phone number from an excel file) it would be much appreciated.
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