Hey Guys — as I was packing off my bags for CeBIT Germany, I got this email with a link to a pretty interesting thread someone started on a Forum titled “Would You Buy UBot Again?”

Obviously this thread aroused my curiosity and on clicking it I was very pleased to find what jesdon2 had posted there.

I bought the program a few days ago and absolutely love it! I have outsourced the creation of several programs in the past and had a whole list of others that I wanted done.

I also outsource a lot of seo work and have already managed to cut down on my costs by creating a bot that did a few of general seo tasks for me on the fly. Now, I am working on a backlink indexing program to speed up the indexing process for incoming backlinks.

I do not know anything about programming, but have managed to create several new bots just in the last few days of owning this. For instance, one bot I am working on takes a list of backlinks, goes to the page and grabs the meta data, then loads the url in page2rss and converts the page to rss, grabs the new rss feed and blasts it to several rss directories, then pings the original url and then uses that meta data to make a post to a ping.fm account which sends it to several social bookmarking sites etc.

I hope to also add a function that would allow the bot to scrape a random article from ezinearticles and post it to a wordpress/blogger blog with the backlink in the article, thus in turn pinging the newly posted article and getting the backlink both “juice” and faster indexing.

Needless to say, I would buy it again. Its my new favorite toy and well worth the price tag. The reality is that they could probably get the $200 monthly instead of one time, thank god they don’t though.

Thanks for the nice words mate. =)

As for the bot for posting articles from ezinearticles to wordpress, there is already one which Aaron made and released. Check it out on the forums — download the source code and modify it as per your requirements. Only with UBot Studio!

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  1. Would I buy UBot Studio again? Hell ya! UBot Studio is the best investment I have every made on a software purchase. It paid itself off in 3 weeks and it keeps on paying. I love this software!


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