The latest ubot update brings with it a wonderful new command: “in sub window”. You can find it under the flow menu. It is a container command, and what makes it special, is that any commands you put inside it will run inside a different window with a different webbrowser than your main ubot webbrowser. As I pointed out in my last blog post, this opens us up to the opportunity to create our own captcha service scripts. It also enables us to do many other things – pretty much anything you need to do but that you don’t want to leave the current page for.

This update also contains some upgrades to the autosave system.

Published by Seth Turin


  1. Need more guidance for this one or an example. Cant even think how this one would work.

  2. I just ran the Ubot install file and repaired Ubot. Tried to run it, got the ‘updating to new version”, and then nothing. If I try to click on the Ubot logo I get the same permission error from Windows.

    I’m on Vista.

  3. Thanks for the update – great feature.

    But, yes an example bot making use of this would be great. I just tried to use this feature to do a zip code lookup while filling out a form, but it loaded the zip code site in the same browser.

    Sorry, i’ll submit a ticket 😀

  4. This looks very neat, but the window disappears after the commands run out. Is that intended? Might be more useful to assign this window to a variable and keep it, and have an explicit ‘close window $varname’. Then you could take info from one window and input it to the other.

    I’d like it better if you had three commands:

    * Create Window ?openorminimized? which creates the window and returns something that can be assigned to a var
    * With Window $var
    * Close Window $var

    Then you could have any number of With Window $var blocks and reuse the window.

    Example: Lets say you’re scraping Yahoo answers and building a list of questions to reply to on your blog. The possibilities really are endless.

    The possibilities really *are*


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