Objective: How to open up emails in GMail and finding the links you want to click.

Thanks Aaron for your amazing tutorial and the wonderful UBotTutorials.com

Published by Seth Turin


  1. Thatsssss why I couldn’t do it before… that stupid “basic HTML” link. ugh.

  2. Hi Aaron

    To find all the emails that have a link in them that the bot needs to click, I suggest some prep work: set up a series of filter rules that will tag all the appropriate emails with a specific tag (e.g. emailconf) based on the subject containing e.g. ‘Confirmation Required’ or any of the other commonly occurring patterns. Then the bot can iterate over all the emails tagged with this tag and open each one and click the link.

    Just an idea — haven’t actually done it.

  3. Joe — That actually sounds like a good idea. Although I think the best would be for customers to create the libraries for particular patters and include them in the bot…


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