Big changes in this version. First, I’ve integrated Image to Text as an alternative captcha reader. you’ll see ITT chosen captcha and ITT reject captcha. Reject captcha will make itt refund your fee if the captcha was incorrect. More captcha readers will come soon.

Private proxies are now usable in UBot Studio. To use it, use change proxy as you normally would, and then follow it with the new “set proxy credentials”. And yes, Proxy Flipping is possible for Private Proxies too.

Finally, I’ve made some pretty visible interface changes. Namely, I’ve made it so a box will appear around the node that is currently running. This should help a lot in debugging. Also, I’ve toned down the 3d effect of the nodes, which makes them much more readable. Node selection is now indicated with a dotted outline around the node. In the parameters window, I’ve condensed the basic text parameters to make them roughly half the size.

As always, your feedback is appreciated! We really do listen to you guys, so keep telling us what you think of what’s there, and how we can keep improving!

And last but not least, Merry Christmas everyone!


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  1. Awesome update, thanks Seth!


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