Rob Adler, popularly known as Bofu2U at many forums, is an SEO expert and runs a popular blog called Contempt. He is the guy who wrote The Automation Mindset and Automation, More Addicting Than Crack.

Now he has spoken about UBot Studio and he is officially in love. His Only Complaint? UBot will not do his Homework… Read Contempt’s Review of UBot Studio.

All in all I must say I’m completely impressed with UBot. UBot Studio is probably the best way to take the powerful programs and scripts that I have made over the years, and allow someone with no programming knowledge to pick it up and do almost the exact same thing.

The power behind this is truly amazing!

Some of the Pros and Cons that Rob’s Evil Brain came up with –

Pros of UBot Studio

Ease in Use

Newbies can learn how to use it quickly

Can write powerful automated tools, many that actually even rival mine in terms of what it can do.

Can be exported and given to friends to use (hint: outsourcing…)

Can even outsource captcha’s using the built-in technology (extra charge but extremely cheap for the captchas themselves, not a charge by uBot)

Unlimited Possibilities, even into having it log into your bank accts and check your balances for you.

Cons of UBot Studio:

uBot won’t do my homework, or yours.

uBot doesn’t come stock with a ‘make money’ button, but it does however allow you to make one.

Read more at (UBot – If You Can’t Code, UBot). Learn more about UBot Studio at

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  1. Now that’s a sexy review.


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