It never fails to amaze me what all people use UBot Studio for! In this season for giving, I found out two of our members who are using UBot Studio for charity.

The first one is Swagbucks bot by Lauren a.k.a Turbolapp. She describes it as –

One of those was a Swagbucks bot that will help me rack up the bucks which you can then exchange for, well, swag. Now the trick with these bots is to make it look human enough so that your account doesn’t get shutdown. Unfortunately that means it takes a while to rack up the bucks. With my bot running a maybe a third of the day I usually end up with a few bucks. I guess if I was to keep at this for days and days I could maybe one day wind up with an xbox or wii….or I could just donate the swag points to charity.


Sign up under that link and I promise to donate all of my referral swagbucks to the Holiday Toy drive Swag Store

You can read her complete post on WickedFire Forums and download her “Charity Bot” right there.

In the same thread, Nevele also posted another “Charity Bot” which helps feed kids — 1 in 4 chance to donate 10 grains of rice every 4 to 11 seconds. You can download his bot in the same thread.

Have you developed a bot with UBot Studio for the greater good? Let us know and we will feature it on UBot Studio’s Official Blog.

Published by Seth Turin

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