Hey everyone! This is Jason giving you a heads up on some of the changes coming up in the future while development is underway for UBot 4.

As you all already know, we are going to have to keep up with the costs that updates and compilation comes with. At the Beta release of UBot Studio 4, the price for updates for all versions will be $5 a month. If you are still within the free upgrade period, then you get the upgrade to UBot 4 for free. Before June 1st 2011, the free update period was for 12 months. After June 1st 2011, the free update period is now 3 months. Since the initial release of UBot Studio 4 will be in Beta, we highly recommend keeping up with the update subscription.
If you have any questions about the process, free to let us know at support.ubostudio.com.

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  1. you could make a ubot, in any language, because I do not master English well.
    that interested me, and I want an answer,
    I am interested in the interface and controls


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