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The new features in Ubot 4 will allow a more fluid, simpler bot creation process, improve performance, and add power to the features that already exist.

Here’s a preview of the updates that I have been working on so tirelessly the past few months:

1. Advanced Flash Support

I’ve created a way to work with flash elements as easily as you’d work with any other element on the page, and it fits right into the normal flow of your bot. It works completely in the background, even if the bot is minimized or invisible. And it’s all thanks to Image Recognition.

2. Image Recognition

Image recognition allows you to take a snapshot of a button or text box on a page, and UBot will use that snapshot to find it on the page and click it or fill it in with text. This works with flash buttons, drag and drop javascript items, and works when the browser is minimized or hidden as well. (Useful for Facebook / flash games among other things)

3. Artificial Intelligence

The new UScript language uses artificial intelligence to find elements on a page given just an overall concept of what you’re looking for. This means you can make things like account creators that will work on entire lists of different pages at a time! You just tell it <username field> and it finds the proper field for you! And this is just part of the Element Selectors.

4. Element Selectors

The new UScript uses element selectors as a new way to find the element that you want to interact with on the page. This gives you very powerful control over which elements need to be modified on a website, while keeping everything simple to use and to understand.

Instead of having to choose an attribute to match to an element, an element selector is now automatically generated for you whenever you interact with an element on the page.

5. Built-In Browser

I’ve removed the dependency on IE, so that the browser is no longer dependent on which version of IE is installed on a computer, which simplifies development when selling to people using different versions of IE. Also, because we have switched away from IE, sites load faster and perform faster in general. This also allows for Separate Browsers.

6. Separate Browsers

Browsers no longer share any data between each other, so you can log into a site with multiple accounts at the same time, and they will each get separate cookies, cache, proxies, and everything else!

7. Code View

Code view allows you to view your UBot nodes as UBot code in a text editor. This view helps when you would like to rearrange a lot of your nodes, or if you prefer working with code, or if you would like to share your bot with someone else, you can just paste the code on Skype to someone, and they can put it right into their bot.

8. Upgraded Performance

You now have the ability to disable things such as loading images, css, javascript and flash, and even the ability to have the browser run completely hidden. Without loading these resources, your websites will load much faster and speed up your bots.

9. Header Overrides

You now have the ability to override headers such as User Agent and Referrer to make your bot appear to be another browser such as Googlebot, or IE6, or appear to be coming from another website.

10. Step Button

A step button was added to allow you to move one step at a time through your code, instead of just running, pausing, and stopping.

11. UI Buttons

One thing I’ve added to the customizable UI of UBot, are UI Buttons. These allow your users to run any nodes you want with the click of a button (such as exporting scraped accounts or loading a tutorial page), allowing much more flexibility for your compiled bots.

12. Debugger

The new debugger feature allows you to see the values of all your variables any time you need to.

13. New $account data

The $account data function has been updated to generate a random City, State, Zip Code and County that are all valid and match to one location.

14. Private Proxy Credentials

UBot Studio now allow you to set proxy credentials for your private proxies, instead of only using IP verification.

15. Else If Command

This command allows you to compare many conditions without creating a lot of if statements inside else statements.

16. New Custom Commands

The custom command system has been revised to allow you to drag and drop your custom commands right from the toolbox.

17. Better iframe Support

You no longer need to check if part of a page is inside of an iframe, UBot will handle it just like all other elements on the page.

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