The UBot Affiliate Program is your opportunity to make money promoting the most powerful automation-bot creation software available in the market today. You can earn up-to $150 when someone buys from your affiliate link.

UBot is a extremely powerful software that lets you easily create bots to automate virtually every aspect of your business, including most aspects of marketing and business research. If you haven’t already seen it, be sure to check out the UBot Studio features and what it can do for you.

The potential of this software is endless and so is your potential to make money from our affiliate program. Click here to sign-up now.

What’s In It For You?

High Commission: Earn up-to $150 per sale. We believe in incentivizing your hard-work and the more sales you make every month, the higher your commission. Here is a chart showing your earning potential.

Montly Sales Volume Commission Earned
More Than 100 $150 Per Sale
Between 75 and 100 $125 Per Sale
Between 25 and 75 $100 Per Sale
Between 5 and 25 $75 Per Sale
Less Than 5 $50 Per Sale

The more sales you refer each month, the higher your payout is. We work with you at every step of the way to help you realize the full potential of your marketing efforts. After all, our success depends on your success.

The above table illustrates the earning per sale based on monthly volumes and the retail price of UBot Studio. Payout for affiliates using coupons to promote UBot Studio may be adjusted in same proportion as the discount.

Amazing Product: UBot Studio is an amazingly powerful software that has a lot of utility to an extremely wide range of audience. It is software that you can confidently recommend to others and be sure that they are getting a great value for their money.

Higher Conversions: We understand that you put in a lot of time, money and effort into sending traffic to us. Let us assure you that we work hard to analyze the traffic and optimize our website, landing pages and other marketing material to maximize the conversion rate for you.

After all, the more traffic that we convert into sales, the more money you earn.

Priority Support: We alue your partnership with us and your time. Your dedicated affiliate manager is always there to support you at every step of the way and you can contact us through email, UBot forums or instant messenger.

Marketing Support: Our objective is to make it easy for you to promote and profit from UBot Studio. We constantly work hard to provide you with highly effective marketing material that you can use to promote us.

Not only this, we regularly send marketing ideas and strategies that you can use to drive traffic to UBot Studio.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does It Work?

When you become an affiliate, we will provide you with special links to promote UBot Studio. Every time someone clicks on your affiliate link, we will set a cookie on that person’s computer which will help us identify that you referred him or her.

Whenever that person buys UBot, we will read the cookie and credit your account with your earned commission.

In What Ways Can I Promote You?

We accept all traffic sources that are legitimate and compliant with local laws – SEO, PPC, Media Buys, Social Media, Blogs, Mailing (CAN-SPAN Compliant) etc.

We can also create custom coupons (with affiliate tracking in-built) and arrange some special incentives for your traffic. Please contact us to discuss your marketing plan and how we can assist you with it.

Also, if you are compiling your UBot Studio created bots, we can link your UBot Studio account to your affiliate account. This means that your compiled bots will have your affiliate links in them.

Do I Qualify to Join?

Yes! As this is a pay-per-sale program and we have enough fraud protection in place, we have put all applications on auto approval.

PS: We do reserve the right to terminate and not pay the affiliates who indulge in fraud or illegal methods to promote UBot Studio. When in doubt, contact us to check if you marketing methods are compatible.

When Do I Get Paid?

We pay on a Net-30 basis. What this means is that we will pay you 30 days after a sale is credited to your account, which is done at the end of every month. This time delay is due to potential refunds during the money-back guarantee period and management logistics.

How Will I Get Paid?

We can pay you with PayPal, Check or Wire Transfer. Please note that additional bank-charges may apply.

I Have Another Question…

Feel free to ask us any question you may have – we are here to help you. Open a ticket at

Great! How Do I Start Now

It’s easy – Just fill out this form. Once we approve your account, you are ready to rock ‘n roll.

Published by Seth Turin


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