While the main objective of UBot Studio is to let people make their own “custom tailored” bots without any programming skills, it is always fun to see people making a chunk change selling their generic bots – Made With UBot Studio.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy when I got this email from Aaron Nimocks with a screenshot of how much he has made selling a bot that took less than 45 minutes to make. And he is still selling it like hotcakes!

The reason I bought UBot was to make my own bots and then sell them. After watching the tutorials I realized with my minimal PHP experience that I could create tons of bots insanely fast.

For my first project out of many that were running through my head, I made a Twitter Blog Commenter. This bot only took me 45 minutes to make and I made $437 in 3 days on Warrior Forums!

I made well over what I invested in this software in under a day.

You can see the bot that he is selling here. Stay tuned for his screenshot of earning tomorrow.

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Published by Seth Turin


  1. Well done Aaron. I also have a good story. I won money in a programming competition on one of the top forums for creating a Twitter research bot using Ubot. Only time i’ve ever won any money for programming. And i’m the last person you’d think would ever win a programming competition. LOL

  2. Congrats thats awesome news Aaron. I wish I could control ubot like you do 🙂 Now get back clicking 😉

  3. Thanks and Good job to you Rudy!

    Guess the slogan “Discover the software that is turning everyone into an automated genius” is true. 🙂


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