Jonathan at has just posted his experience with UBot on his blog. Essentially he was in a bidding war over a keyword at a ad-network.

Now if you know anything about coding bidding management system, you know how much of a “pain in the behind side” they are. However, with UBot, he was easily and quickly able to code a bot to manage his bidding-war!

Remember – Jonathan is not a coder and this was his first experience with UBot. Imagine a non-coder being able to create a kick-ass software bot with UBot literally days after getting his hands on it!

With UBot, you are only limited by your imagination.

Jonathan writes a blog which exclusively reviews tools and software for marketers. And what that means is that when he is evaluating UBot, he is putting it to task with hundreds of other tools he has reviewed.

His Verdict? A Mega Thumbs-Up!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at the quick video-review he did of UBot (and a demo of the bot he created — tailored to his exact needs).

And here are some of his Tweets —

leber026 @tooltrainer You’re right about Ubot, it pretty amazing. I only wish I had it years ago.

tooltrainer @leber026 no kidding! I can do all this stuff with other tools, but they’re LOTS more work! UBot is about as easy as this stuff can get!

tooltrainer @ubotblog So far UBot ROCKS! I’m gonna properly review it soon on my blog. Nice job!

tooltrainer UBot review – – This baby is fantastic.

Want to know more about UBot? Check out

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