I just logged into one of the forums to find that one of UBot customers, who is also a member on the same forum, had sent me a pretty flattering Private Message.

Rudy is not a programmer and had got his copy of UBot only a week ago. Here’s his experience of UBot, one week in —

I purchased UBot because I wanted to employ a tool that empowered me to take control of my automation, at the same time as dramatically reducing the cost of automation.

In my first 6 hours I built a Facebook and Twitter UBot and in the next 2 hours integrated the logic of my bots to make an all powerful Facebook Twitter lead generator.

As a non programmer I have spent many years struggling to communicate requirements to software developers. Now I can produce the software myself and implement changes anytime I wish – at no extra cost!!

I think UBot is about putting control in the hands of the people who are driving the markets.

The Internet Marketer.

Power to the People!

Rudy Vise
Internet Marketer & UBot Maker..

Thanks a lot for your flattering remarks Rudy. We work hard on UBot so that people like you are able to create such powerful software bots that easily.

Do you want to create your own software bots that let you automate virtually anything? Grab a UBot at ubotstudio.com

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