I was browsing BHW forums a few days ago and found that in a thread about UBot Studio, one of our customers had posted this for a review —

UBot Studio is amazing. With UBot, I’ll probably never have to buy any SEO, Link Building, Blog Commenting, Scrapers, RSS Submit etc. ever again.

I can Build Bots Super-Fast & I’m getting Faster. To give you an idea, I built a Fully Functioning Twitter Bot which auto follows, friend thief, auto non-followers, auto tweeter etc. in just about 45 minutes.

Doing the same thing in iMacros would take at least a day or probably longer. And, since UBot Creates a .exe, I can share it with my outsourcers and never have to worry about any compatibility problems.

Doing a bit more research on “Sonneti”, I found out that he had released the Twitter Bot he mentioned above for free on his website. You can read his UBot Studio review or download his twitter bot on his website.

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