One of the frequent question which we are asked about UBot Studio is that how does it compare to iMacros. I usually shy from answering this question directly as I don’t have extensive experience with iMacros. However, a lot of our customer do.

Guerrilla has earlier posted a pretty in-depth comparison of UBot Studio and iMacros. Yesterday, in the same discussion thread where Sonneti had also posted, another user Gogetta had posted this —

I have used both iMacros and UBot Studio, iMacros is good tool and I love it.

But buying iMacros for $500 dollars was a mistake and I honestly regret it. I regret it due to the fact that if you want to use iMacros for large projects and fully automating tasks, you need to know another programing language too.

With UBot Studio it took me about 3 days to learn most of the commands. I have now made some real bots that can make decisions.

If a CAPTCHA is entered wrongly the first time, it will loop till it is entered correctly. That’s unlike iMacros, which would just move on since there is no conditional statements within the software itself. I mean you can use conditional statements, but only if you know other programing languages also.

Anyway one of my bots creates accounts for 30 video sites and then it spins titles, descriptions, and tags and uploads it to those sites.

Now I’ll be honest though and say it does take a little bit more time creating bots in UBot Studio though. But I think that’s only cause you’re creating them with conditional statements.

All in all, no one can tell me that iMacros is better. I have made some of the most complex bots with iMacros, and it cant compare to UBot Studio. Unless, you know another scripting language to control it.

Oh, and UBot Studio really is noob friendly!

Thanks for that comparison Gogetta. You can read his original post here. Just for record, UBot Studio is NOT a Blackhat SEO tool but rather an Automation Tool that can be used for automating Whitehat SEO too – that’s the flexibility of UBot Studio.

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