The New UBot Network is still in beta, but now is a great time to show off to some of the visitors UBot Studio gets. So how can you profit?

(Oh, and don’t forget – It doesn’t matter if you’ve already been selling your bots, plugins, or training. Put them in the Store or fill out your profile on /Freelance and you’ll get a bump from all the new traffic/customers we’ll be sending your way.)

  1. Sell your executable bots in the Store (so even customers without UBot Studio can try them).

    301 Nuke

    The Store is a professional way for you to promote your products

  2. Sell your source code in the Store.
  3. Sell your plugins in the Store.
  4. Give away your FREE bots/plugins in the Store, then when your paid bots/plugins are ready, email your new customers.
  5. Give away your Free training in /Learn and link to it from the Store to show how much you know.
  6. Share your Free training in /Learn and link to it from /Freelance to show how much you know.
  7. Partner with us! If you have an amazing product, idea, or training course, we’ll feature it to all of our customers.
  8. Pay for a Developer to build that plugin you’ve always wanted….
  9. …Then sell it on the Store.
  10. Combine all your free Forum code snippets/plugins together and post them in the Store for free to get great reviews…
  11. …Then sell your paid code snippets.
  12. Write a great blog post about
    1. Building bots
    2. The ways you make money
    3. The learning process for UBot
    4. Quick tips for botting
    5. How you built your favorite plugin
    6. The top ten best bot ideas you’ve never built…
  13. …And then share it on your /Store and /Freelance profile.
  14. Sell your paid training on /Learn.
  15. Read through posts on the Forum to see what others need and build it.
  16. Search posts on other forums and see what others need and build that.
  17. Got a product that you think could be better? Build it. Sell it.
  18. Still improving your skills as a UBot Developer? No problem. Our customers are looking for marketers, JV partners, designers, web site builders, and lots more to work with and improve their businesses.
    1. Post whatever skills you have on /freelance!
    2. Write a blog post about what you DO know, and then link that to a paid course on /learn.
    3. Build an application in any programming language – we aren’t picky. As long as our customers want what you’re selling, you’re free to post it on the Store or elsewhere.
  19. If you are a professional developer, with programming skills, write a course on using UBot Studio alongside the coding languages that you like.
  20. Still unsure? Check out our LENGTHY list of ideas in our introduction to UBot Studio course on /Learn. Then do a few of them and sell them in the Store.


Have more ideas or questions? Add them here!


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