Well, if you’re using the latest version of UBot Studio, then yes, you do have the time… functions. That’s right, UBot Studio now gives you the power to control time.


Let’s look at how these work. The $date function simply returns the current date and time. Simple enough.

The $now function returns the exact same thing as $date. It is included mostly for semantic clarity.

The $n second function is more interesting. you add an $n seconds function, you’ll see that the “n” is replaced by whatever number you choose.

You can change the unit of time as well.

As you can see, the title of the node changes depending on the information you enter.

Maybe what we really need to know isn’t the time right now, but the time exactly 1 second from now.

A few things to notice about this function. First, it comes with a $1 second function built into the first parameter. You can, of course, edit this and change it to whatever you need it to be, as shown above. The second thing to notice is that the node title again changes depending on the parameters.

The last function here is the $n ago function. This operates just like $n from now, except it takes you into the past instead of the future.

That wraps up the time functions. With this, UBot Studio can automate anything that requires looking at a watch. And it’s a good thing, too. I’m late for a meeting.


Published by Seth Turin

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