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    uBot / Automation Expert needed to create a script that uses API functionality

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    Project description:

    I’m looking for a uBot + API expert to create a script to automate adding domains to cPanel and ServerPilot hosting accounts, setting up each domain on Cloudflare and then updating the Registrar nameservers. 
    Basic function

    1. Load a spreadsheet of domains, which contains information for each domain:
      • Hosting account details
      • Registrar account details
      • What CDN to use (initially we’ll just use cloudflare)
    2. Add these domains to ServerPilot / cPanel account
    3. For each domain, create a new free Cloudflare account and set up the domain
    4. Update the nameservers at the domain’s registrar. Registrars including:
      • Namecheap
      • Namesilo
      • Dynadot
    5. Output a .csv at the end, which has the cloudflare account, name server details for each domain set up etc.

    I have actually already a uBot script which does this using Exbrowser – but moving forward I would like to replace as much browser automation with API calls as possible. I am finding browser automation is too slow and can be prone to errors. At the current scope the script would utilise:

    • ServerPilot API
    • cPanel API
    • Cloudflare API
    • Registrar APIs
      • Namecheap
      • Namesilo
      • Dynadot

    For this project I can hand over my current script which has the Exbrowser automation, so you can see what I am trying to accomplish. You can then edit / rebuild the code and replace the Exbrowser parts with API functions where relevant.
    I use uBot myself – but I would not consider myself an expert. I am looking for someone who is a uBot expert, and knowledgeable with APIs to add this functionality and streamline my code.

    • I want the source code so I can edit myself. Ideally you will build off the code I give you, restructure and tweak it to add in the API components where necessary.
    • To go with this, I will want at least some guidance as to what you have done, and how I can edit things myself. I am interested in learning how the API functionality works. A brief video / Skype call would be helpful.
    • The bot needs threading functionality – I could be setting up 100+ domains at a time and I want to be able to do this as quick as possible, without the software crashing.
    • Scope to expand and include additional API integrations for new registrars and CDNS
    • On-going support when needed – i.e. I can hire you again to make additional changes 


    Setting this at $1000 – but please give me an estimated quote / amount of hours needed. 

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      Hey, interested in your project.

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      Hi, Please check ur skyp and provide me further details.



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