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    Email Responder

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    Project description:

    I would like to develop a program in Ubot Studio that does the following:

    Imports a number of data elements (from a MySQL database – we can discuss putting this data onto a scrapable page)

    – imports a list of proxy IPs to connect through
    – import a list of browsers/machines to emulate randomly
    – imports a list of email addresses and passwords (GMail, Yahoo!)
    – imports a list of sending domains
    – imports a list of spam domains
    – imports a list of responses to apply randomly

    – selects an IP address from the pool OR connects via pool (scrapinghub) depending on setting
    – selects a browser/machine randomly from the list (these should be weighted)
    – logs into the email account (via the proxy using the browser/machine profile)
    – scans the spam folder for a sending domain(s) – if found, mark message(s) as “Not Spam”
    – next scan the inbox for the sending domain(s) – if found, open the message and wait for 5-15 seconds (configurable, click on a random link 20-50% of the time (configurable), reply to the message with a random reply 40-75% of the time (configurable)

    – next scan the inbox for the spam domain(s) – if found, open the message and click “Mark as Spam”
    – close browser after a random pause (5-25 seconds (configurable)
    – write the results to a MySql Database (IP, email, messages opened, clicked, moved, marked as spam, etc.)

    The bot should be multi-threaded (user selects number of threads to run) and should run on a scheduler. It should be built to scale up to thousands of email addresses.

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