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There is a clear way to copy a list from a text file into UBOT using list to list, but is there a way to copy a the list inside of UBOT back to a file for future use.


Here is the problem. I have an alphabetical list a through z.


I am incrementing from a to z.


However some where in there, the online app is going to return.... "you have reached your limit"


Ubot is in some unpredictable increment in-between this A to Z Cycle. I need to pickup from the last increment. Is there a way to copy the consumed list from inside of UBot back out onto a text file, so the next day i can create a new. ... Next Day ... "list to list" So Ubot can resume from where the online app stopped?

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save the postion to a file. have your bot to check the position file to see if a position exists and if so pick up at that position in the list. otherwise start from position 0


at the very end clear the position file so the content is blank if and only if the position of your current list is at its last line.

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