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Interacting with data? Possible?

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Please help. I've tried resurrecting an old 2017 file that transforms an ICS file into HTML and wanted to add some extra functionality.

Basically I have data:
- name of event (#x)
- duration of event (using datetime manipulation plugin i substract unix start from unix end of event times)

I wanted to add the functionality to "add number to existing number if {#x} exists in list" ... or in human terms, I wanted to calculate how much time events of that specific name took
Example: Event YYYYYYY is 10 times in the list, 4 hours, so I wanted to get 40 hours.

First I found out that there is no simple way to "what location on list is #x", so I had to loop through the list to find x and define list position.

Then I found that even after a successful loop, I could not modify list item on that position.

Is there a paid plugin for working with data or is there something that I am missing?

Thank you so much!


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