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Unable to scrape individual items from a group on a page. it pulls in all items in the list

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I am trying to scrape some individual items from this page.


I have got a few items working fine, but when I try and scrape the item at the bottom, Chassis Number, it pulls in all the date, lot number, MOT etc all from this one selection.

I need all of them but as individual items on the same table row, so ideally scraping Lot Number, Chassis Number, MOT etc.. I don't seem to be able to get it to work with this webpage.

The Same with the top bullets in the description, I can scrape the whole description but not the bullets on their own.. ahhhhh


Any help work be great or the function I need to look at.


Many thanks



clear list(%Title)
clear list(%Strap)
clear list(%image)
clear list(%Lot Number)
clear list(%Chassis Number)
clear table(&silvesrtonenew)
add list to list(%Title,$scrape attribute(<class="mb-3 text-blue">,"innertext"),"Don\'t Delete","Local")
add list to list(%image,$scrape attribute(<src="https://www.silverstoneauctions.com/assets/lot_images/xlarge/rec10236-1_1.jpg">,"src"),"Don\'t Delete","Local")
add item to list(%Strap,$scrape attribute(<id="summary">,"innertext"),"Don\'t Delete","Local")
add list to list(%Chassis Number,$scrape attribute(<class="col-7 col-xl-9">,"innertext"),"Don\'t Delete","Local")
add list to table as column(&silvesrtonenew,0,0,%Title)
add list to table as column(&silvesrtonenew,0,1,%Strap)
add list to table as column(&silvesrtonenew,0,2,%image)
save to file("C:\\Users\\Andrew\\Desktop\\silvertest.csv",&silvesrtonenew)

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Your scraping with general locator element


Set to variable, and use scrape attribute, in the element to scrape first place an element offset function

set your element to scrape, and offsets start at 0

so for first one would be 0, second item with same element is 1

and so on


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