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Debugging "ubot Suddenly Stops Working" Events, Is This A Thing That We Can Do?

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So, dev user, I can write and understand ubot pretty well.


I've been using a particular code that works ... fine ... until it suddenly doesn't.


Nothing special, just some form filling, that suddenly stops working.


After a restart, it works again.


I've tried the 5.xx builds that are lauded as stable, same issue. Newest build, same issue.

Is there some sort of debug that I can submit to the developers or is this just a "it mostly works" issue?

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Honestly, there are so many bugs in the newest version (6.1.14) it's actually insane.


I am almost not able to do anything with the 6.1.14. This includes MySQL queries, Installer compiling, can't open the bot on VPS - unless I download UBot Studio on that as well (which is not allowed), etc, etc, etc.


The list is long. So I can highly recommend you to download the previous version (6.1.8). Just go to your UBot dashboard, find the button that says download, now copy that buttons link, then paste it to your navigation bar. Next you need to replace the 6.1.14 with 6.1.8 - This way you are able to get this version instead.


I hope a huge update will get out soon. I honestly like this software a lot. But there are so many bugs, so many that if I sold a bot to the customer, they would've liked to get their money back.


Good luck, hope you succeed more than I do.

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